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Overcoming Loneliness through Personal Connections

guest August 20th, 2014, 8:48 AM
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165997881Ivriia was receiving home care from VNSNY for a variety of medical conditions, but the care she received from a VNSNY social worker addressed her deepest pain.

“Ivriaa was intelligent and proud,” recalls Shoshana A., the social worker who helped Ivriia deal with the psychological pain and anguish. “She had conflicts with her husband, her family lived out of the country, and she was home bound. She stayed home except to go to the doctor. She felt stuck, lonely, and helpless to change her unhappy state.

“I provided her with perspective and encouragement—resources…

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Helpful Tips To Improve Bathroom Safety

jjue March 5th, 2013, 11:11 AM
Jeffrey Jue, PT, Rehabilitation Consultant
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Image courtesy of Winnod/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Winnod/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Installing grab bars in the bathroom are a great way to improve the safety of the older adults in our lives. But there’s more to improving safety than just purchasing a pair of grab bars. Try these helpful tips to improve the safety of your loved one when they’re getting in and out of the tub.

Concentration Counts

  • Getting in and out of the tub requires concentration
  • Your loved one may need help in the bathroom if they have difficulty with attention or concentration

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Practice using newly installed grab bars…
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