Instill Moral Character in Your Child

smcternan November 25th, 2013, 4:08 PM
Sandra McTernan, MSN, Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
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clouds-69533_1280Moral character is something we think may just happen, hopefully in a positive way if  WE raise our children right. Well maybe or maybe not. Young infants read parental cues, so when that baby does something you disapprove of (grabs your necklace and wont let go) are you saying or thinking, ‘what a bad boy/girl you are’ OR gently, in a soften voice distracting them and removing their hands. If the latter is your path then you are aware that little hands are just learning this skill and anything is fair game. If you somehow feel it is intensional -step back, don’t get angry, get involved-show understanding (and yes distraction-such as the babyease voice we use around young children) will work magic.Parents need to model and nuture good moral character. They learn much from YOU. You may think they are not listening BUT they are. Much has been studied and baby’s reading their parent face when put in challenging situations (like doctors office, near strangers, or in unusual environments). As if to say ‘is it OK mom/dad? Or should I be crying RIGHT NOW!’ Critisize your child’s curosity is teaching them to hide and sneak curious behavior. Encourage their curosity and they will learn more and understand more of the wonderful world they live in. Babies and young children need involved and loving parents that watch out for their safety and provides opportunity for safe learning and moral character building.


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