Girl Scouts & Seniors Learn Life Lessons

dstricoff March 12th, 2013, 6:24 AM
Debbie Stricoff, Dir., Adult Day Care Services
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The Girl Scouts Troop 1986 from Westchester has been coming to the VNSNY CHOICE Adult Day Center to lead and participate in intergenerational activities for many years. We’ve literally watched the girls grow up. Over the years, they’ve become so comfortable and developed a true appreciation for seniors. For our seniors, their creativity and energy has been an inspiration and comfort. Sadly, this year will be Troop 1986’s last year with us. We’re hoping Victoria’s younger brother in the Cub Scouts and younger sister in the Daisies continue intergenerational activities for many years to come. Here are truly moving words from one of the Girl Scouts about their time and experience at our center:

“Hello, my name is Nikki B. and I’m a Girl Scout from Troop 1986. Our troop has been coming to the Center for many years now, and I find it hard to say that this will be our last year. Over the years, we have done so much at the Center that it’s hard to say goodbye. We wanted to do one last activity with the seniors so that they will always remember how valued they are and how they are always loved by the younger generation.

The Troop decided to give each person a cloth square that they can personalize, and then we’ll put it together into a quilt for the Center to keep. Also, part of this project will be that the Cub Scouts will take over this project after us, as well as the Daisies. I have always loved quilts. I’ve made quilts since I was little because I had a grandmother, now passed away, who made quilts and taught me about quilting. Although not many people think about the sentimental value of a quilt that they buy in a store, I can guarantee that they will always remember the feeling of a quilt they make by hand and the love that came with it.

I hope that the seniors have valued our time with them like we have.  They have taught us so many life lessons that we are sure to use in college. I think the biggest life lesson that they taught us was the feeling of giving back and how it not only affects the person we are helping but how it also affects us. Thank you for the memorable, remarkable, and cherished moments during our visits throughout the years–you will never be forgotten.”

Love, Troop 1986


  • It has been a journey and I am thrilled to have partnered with you and the members of VNSNY CHOICE. Mission accomplished – The World is Bigger than we are.

  • I am touched that this interaction between the young and elderly has obviouslty made a great impression on both. I am especially proud of my niece Nikki B, who had grown up to be a very caring,loving, responsible and intelligent young lady. I am glad to see that the older Girl Scouts will be passing the torch onto the Cubs and Daisies.


    And the experiences keep getting better -

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