Hiding from Responsibility

smcternan March 4th, 2013, 9:05 AM
Sandra McTernan, MSN, Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
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Photo by Michele Mieklejohn

Photo by Michele Mieklejohn

Responsibilties at any age are important. They teach us the value of taking something to completion. Yes, even your two year old can handle some responsibilities, such as putting clothes in the hamper and making the bed. It is a great way to instill routines that can make life easier later. But what if your child runs from responsibility, what then? I have a ten year old who seems to hide whenever his name is called! Granted, at times, he thinks it is funny, but is it? We have had the heart-to-heart talk numerous times and the fact that he is casting his responsibilities on others and/or things are not getting done. What can this mean for his future? Maybe I should not go there, but it makes me wonder: Will he be a comedian, joker, or worse, a slacker?

So far, the talks have not worked… any suggestions for this mom? Threatening punishment, like no tv/computer or play dates, has not worked either. I feel I need to be just as creative as he is to make a change for the better. I welcome your thoughts so please let me know what has worked for you!


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