Things You Need To Consider Before Using A Rollator

jjue September 12th, 2012, 2:17 PM
Jeffrey Jue, PT, Rehabilitation Consultant
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RollatorIf you’re not sure about which walking device is the right one for a loved one with mobility issues then you’re not alone. There are a numerous amount of choices that available both online and at your local medical supply store.

I have found many people end up choosing the rollator because of its features. This is not surprising when you consider it has a fold down seat, travel basket, four wheels and a set of brakes.

Now before you run out to the store to purchase a rollator you need to understand that it’s not the right device for everyone. They are designed for people with mobility limitations who are able to walk long distances comfortably.

Allow me to guide you through some of the features of the rollator and its requirements for safe use.

Four Wheel Drive

Rollators have four wheels compared to regular rolling walkers that have two wheels. The additional wheels allows the rollator to move faster especially on non carpeted surfaces.

Keep in Mind: A rollator is not safe for someone who can’t keep up with the increased speed.

Hand brakes and Fold Down Seat

By far the most popular feature of the rollator is the fold down seat that allows a person to take a resting break.

Keep in Mind: In order to safely transfer from the seat you’ll need sufficient hand strength to lock the brakes, otherwise the rollator could slide away and can cause injury. Safe operation of the device is important otherwise supervision and assistance is required.

Rollator brakes will also wear out over time and may require repairs. As always consult with a medical professional prior to choosing and using a walking device.


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