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jjue August 18th, 2012, 9:02 AM
Jeffrey Jue, PT, Rehabilitation Consultant
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Photo by graur razvan ionutWe all find moments that are worth celebrating. My favorite memory of this year’s London Olympics actually occurred seconds after the 400 meter semifinal had ended. The winner of the race Kirani James in a show of respect approached Oscar Pistorius who had finished 8th and requested to exchange their official uniform name tags.

You might be wondering why so much attention was given to an athlete who didn’t win a medal? Oscar is a double amputee and uses prosthetic legs to race against some of the world’s fastest runners. His journey to the Olympics was an inspiration to many around the world.

After watching the race I thought about the seniors I work with and most will probably never make the news for their athletic achievements. Those headlines are usually reserved for the senior citizens who either run marathons or perform feats that defy the aging process.

However, many of my seniors have overcome the aches and pains that come with aging. Some have endured hospitalizations and are now are active again in their communities.

Everyday I’m learning that their simple act of getting out of bed to take a walk around the block or performing exercises in their homes is also worth celebrating.

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  • great post jeffrey! hope you’re doing well

  • Glad you enjoyed the post Michael and I’m doing well. Have a peaceful weekend!

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