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My Upcoming Adult Day Center Visit

jjue March 21st, 2012, 11:04 PM
Jeffrey Jue, PT, Rehabilitation Consultant
Author Profile

4649787tokm0m2lRecently I’ve been brainstorming about how I can make my presentations at local senior centers more relevant and applicable. I have appreciated the honest feedback of many older adults who have shared they’ve already heard the basic points of my talks.

However, they value the time I spend answering their questions. With that in mind next week I’m planning to visit our own adult day center with a more interactive approach.

Can I Pour You A Cup of Tea?

  • My plan is to moderate a small discussion group (4-6 adults) with a focus on falls prevention and the importance of staying active.
  • I already picture us all sitting around a table with cups of tea. Doesn’t that already sound a bit more relaxing than sitting through a lecture?

No Translation Needed

  • My time will be spent with the Chinese speaking members of the center
  • The discussion time will be conducted entirely in either Cantonese or Mandarin.

I look forward to meeting this group and I hope it will be a valuable learning experience. Stay tuned for an update!

Photo courtesy of Jomphong


  • [...] recently met with a few of our adult day center’s Chinese speaking members to discuss the importance of home safety and exercise. Despite our differences in age, I realized that our time together was both enjoyable and [...]

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