Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the VNSNY CHOICE Adult Day Center!

dstricoff March 12th, 2012, 4:30 PM
Debbie Stricoff, Dir., Adult Day Care Services
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four_leaf_clover_pictureNew York City is famous for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and so is the VNSNY CHOICE Adult Day Center in Queens! Much like NYC, our center is very culturally diverse. We look forward to celebrating all cultures in creative ways, and our celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. In fact, we do so much celebrating, that it takes us a whole week to fit in all the activities!

We celebrate through a variety of therapeutic modalities, so as the seniors are having a blast, they’re also benefitting in a variety of ways. First, we bake Irish Soda Bread for all our members. Baking involves reminiscence therapy, provides an opportunity to use cooking skills, and gives sensory stimulation including touch, smell and taste. Music therapy is another modality used to celebrate this festive occasion – you should see the seniors come alive as they sing and dance to O’ Danny Boy and When Irish Eyes are Smiling. To stimulate brain health, we have special St. Patty’s Day matching games, word searches, puzzles and trivia contests. If you come to our center on Friday, March 16th, you’ll be struck by a “sea of green” as our staff and seniors proudly display their best green outfits and accessories. To top off our festivities, we have a special scavenger hunt that leads members to find a “pot of gold.”

It never ceases to amaze me how creative our staff are and how many therapeutic activities can be done based on one theme. Get creative with your friends and family – you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with!   Wishing everyone a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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