What is Community Connections TimeBank?

guest January 12th, 2012, 12:17 PM
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Mashi Blech is the Director of VNSNY Community Connections TimeBank.

This guest blog was written by Mashi Blech, Director of VNSNY Community Connections TimeBank

Irma was in a panic. She was having surgery and was worried how she would manage alone after coming home from the hospital. Her son was coming from out of town on Day One but what about Day Two, Three and Four? Who would run to the pharmacy or make her some chicken soup?

Vivian moved to this country knowing no one. She was afraid to even leave her house. Who could she trust?

Doris, a talented painter, writer and chef, was having difficulty getting around. She moved to live closer to her son but he was at work all day. How would she spend her days?

All three of these retired women joined the VNSNY TimeBank, a free community project open to all. In the TimeBank, members give what they can and get what they need. It’s as simple as neighbor helping neighbor, and it has changed so many lives. Since December 2006, more than 2,300 TimeBank members of all ages have exchanged over 130,000 hours of service.

Irma met some wonderful friends who took turns visiting her after she returned home from the hospital. They even made her bed and cooked her some chicken soup. Once she recovered, Irma taught English and Spanish, cooked for others and helped recruit new members. Vivian’s new friends from the TimeBank taught her how to get around the city and how to access services she needed. She often travelled to the TimeBank office to help organize the monthly member mailings and cooks regularly for our gatherings. And Doris found Regina… the two of them did everything together. Regina even helped get Doris’s work displayed in a local art show. Doris was a big help to another member going through cancer treatments. She also gave art and English lessons to other members.

Read more about the VNSNY TimeBank and learn how you and your family can join the fun, and now you can follow VNSNY TimeBank on Facebook.


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