5 Simple Winter Safety Tips

jjue January 4th, 2012, 3:21 PM
Jeffrey Jue, PT, Rehabilitation Consultant
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24779fbpwwr230nNew York City temperatures are beginning to drop. Before you know it snow will be in the forecast, which means older adults need to take adequate precautions before heading outdoors. They can reduce their risk of falling by sticking to these guidelines.
1. Simply stay indoors
New York’s sidewalks are notoriously uneven and riddled with cracks. Winter storms can result in decreased visibility of sidewalks and street crossings, increasing one’s risk of falling. Avoid the bad conditions altogether by staying indoors until everything has been cleared.
2. Wear the right snow boots
If you must go outside after a storm, make sure your footwear has adequate traction and support.
3) Cross with caution
Be on the lookout for puddles and slick roads when crossing the street.
4) Hold onto handrails
Put handrails to good use and use them especially for outdoor apartment staircases or when accessing subway stations from the street level.
5) Safety is for everyone

Using an assistive device such as a walker or a cane doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take additional steps for winter safety.

For more helpful tips on preventing accidents this winter, check out the VNSNY page.


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