A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way!

dstricoff November 28th, 2011, 2:22 PM
Debbie Stricoff, Dir., Adult Day Care Services
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It always strikes me how the Day Center staff encourage and support our seniors to participate in activities. They do it in such a gentle and dignified way. Sometimes it’s direct and other times it’s just a subtle look or touch that gives the seniors the courage to dive in and participate.

This morning, our members were gathering in the circle to exercise, and the music was playing to get everyone in the mood. Ms. N. was bouncing in her chair – you could see that she was itching to get up and dance, but she was hesitant. One of our fantastic Home Health Aides simply looked at her and started dancing. As soon as Ms. N. saw the aide dancing, she jumped up out of her seat and joined in. The aide knew that Ms. N. loves Caribbean music and she put it on especially for her. With one simple look and gesture, the aide encouraged Ms. N. to follow her desire and get moving.

I feel blessed that our Day Center Aides are so in tune with our members – it’s really beautiful the way they connect with and respect the seniors. They are special beyond words. If you’re caring for someone at home, your loved one may not directly express an activity that they would like to do, but sometimes their body language speaks volumes…


  • It is a true statement that our Home Health Aides are the eyes and ears of the care team. Even in the homes, I find that most of the aides are so encouraging and this makes for a smooth transition from one recreation activity to another.

  • I’m so glad the aides are helping the recreation therapy at home program thrive. It’s such a wonderful program and I’m so proud of all you have accomplished. It is a priviledge to hear our members’ stories and it’s terrific how you work with them to preserve the information for their families!

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