Regular Acts of Kindness

jjue November 11th, 2011, 10:18 PM
Jeffrey Jue, PT, Rehabilitation Consultant
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58242asht7tx1b5Random acts of kindness are nice. Regular acts of kindness provided to elderly members of the community are even better.

This past summer was a time of change for my family as we moved to a new home in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I’m often asked how I like living in my new area. I usually respond that I’m thankful for my neighbors.

Our area’s recent winter storm was eye opening for me, once I got past my own annoyance of shoveling snow and leaves out of my driveway in the middle of autumn. Many of my neighbors were outdoors assisting one another during the clean up, sometimes even without being asked. People were using their snow blowers to help clear their neighbor’s driveways, and others made food for those who were trying to figure out how to fix the damage from fallen trees.

As winter is approaching, we should think about how we can use out time and talents to regularly provide assistance big or small to an older adult living nearby. Perhaps their caregiver needs a little break, so you spend a few hours with them playing chess or listening to some music. Or if there is a storm approaching, you can ask if they need any groceries or if you can clear their steps.

You may also consider joining our team of VNSNY volunteers who really set an example in community engagement, helping out when help is needed.

Small acts of kindness can have lasting value.

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