Prematurity Awareness Month

smcternan November 1st, 2011, 2:35 PM
Sandra McTernan, MSN, Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
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2_4C_African-American_nurse_with_smiling_baby_(2)_jpgDid you know that as much as one million infants die each year from being born prematurely? The United States as a developed country has one of the highest rates of prematurity in the world. Sad, isn’t it? Amazing that in this day we still struggle to keep our most vulnerable citizens alive. They may not be able to vote (yet), but it is also true that they are our future!

To keep our future healthy and thriving, we need to do more to protect and ensure a healthy and safe entry into this world we all share. In the Maternal Newborn and Pediatric Program at VNSNY, we work everyday with these tiny citizens. Everyday we see young mothers with no access to prenatal care, unhealthy lifestyles, and diets that impact their unborn children for the rest of their babies’ lives. In a country of dwindling resources, it seems the children’s programs and preventive care seems to be hit particular hard. So when you vote on the 8th of November, please remember these small citizens. They need to be protected and heard.


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