Internships at Adult Day Centers

dstricoff September 7th, 2010, 2:30 PM
Debbie Stricoff, Dir., Adult Day Care Services
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Adult Day Centers are a treasure for students that want to learn about working with the elderly. Students are exposed to working directly with seniors, recreation therapy, nutrition and transportation services. At our adult day center, they can also see first hand as VNS CHOICE ( Nurse Consultants and Social Workers evaluate their members.   It is a unique opportunity to watch care coordination in action.

We are lucky to have nursing interns from St. Josephs College and Queensborough Community College, art therapy interns from NYU and Pratt, and Gerontology interns from LaGuardia Community College. We are so grateful for the help they provide to our participants! They enrich our activity programming through health education sessions and art classes, and they help keep our participants safe. I regularly get such positive feedback from students – they talk about how their time here  exposes them to an unfamiliar type of program and helps them in making future career decisions.

Not only do students get invaluable experience interacting with the elderly, but it also helps them learn about adult day services, which is a widely unknown type of care for seniors. Many people have heard of home care, senior centers, assisted living facilities or nursing homes, but not many people are familiar with adult day programs. Through welcoming interns at our center, we are helping to get the word out about this critical type of service in the health care continuum.

Having students at our center is definitely a win-win for everyone involved! Thanks again to all the professors and students that have helped us over the past 10 years – your contributions have been priceless!


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