Ten iPhone Apps for Creative Caregivers

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Amy Dixon, BSN, RN
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(photo by Bonnie-Brown)

(photo by Bonnie-Brown)

In an effort to highlight the benefits of technology and blend it with health & wellness, I’ve comprised the following list of ten iPhone Apps that may be helpful for caregivers:

  1. PillMinder — a visual pillbox medication reminder for you or your loved one (but unfortunately not both) where you can keep track of daily medications. You enter your medication, dose in pill amount, description, and pill count. You highlight the pill, press TAKE PILL and it archives that you took it and counts down the pill amount. Cost: FREE
  2. Dosecast — This is another medication reminder only this one isn’t as visual but will give you a pop-up reminder on your iPhone screen when it’s time to take medications. Cost: FREE for a thirty day trial, then $2.99
  3. ELDER 411 A resource for various tips on caring for the elderly including safety, communication, hiring help, and more. You can also view videos or listen to audio bits about more elder care topics. COST: $1.99
  4. Care Connector The best thing about this app is you can enter multiple profiles for you and your loved ones. Take it with you when you go to a doctors’ appointments and add a note regarding the findings and treatments of each visit. Keep track of symptoms. Take a photo of medications or supplies to keep them organized. You can also access caregiver message boards. COST: Free
  5. BettyCrocker Recipes Not sure what to cook for your ill family member? Try this mobile cookbook where you can enter two main ingredients and a meal type (eg. lunch, dinner, sides) for mutiple suggestions on recipes. You can also search recipes for diabetics! Cost: FREE
  6. iRelax Melodies — If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking a fifteen minute break from your caregiving tasks to listen to a tune you design. Choose from sounds of the river, ocean waves, or chirping birds along with a flute or music box to aide in relaxation and stress reduction. You can set a timer or alarm so you won’t forget to return to your responsibilities. May also be helpful for your family member to ease pain and anxiety. Cost: FREE
  7. Public Speech Recorder You don’t need an elaborate device to record your parent’s stories if you have this app. Just press record and encourage your mother to tell you about the time she met your father. Or about the time your parents took you to your first amusement park. Keep an archive of stories and share them with other family members. Cost: FREE
  8. PhotoNote Lite — Take pictures of your day as a caregiver, write a little note or caption and email it to your siblings. An easy way to stay connected with your friends and family! Cost: FREE
  9. YouTube Why not access your You Tube app on your iPhone and load up a clip from one of your favorite funny movies if you need a pick-me-up? Caregiving is a stressful job! Give yourself permission to be silly and laugh. (Suggestions: The Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, or Charlie Chaplin) Cost: FREE
  10. Pandora Radio — Music transports us through time. Connect your iPhone to portable speakers, plug in the musical artist your elderly parent loved when he or she was twenty-one years old and enjoy! Lawrence Welk Dance Party, anyone? Cost: FREE

What are some other apps you use as a caregiver? Are there any standard apps that can be tweaked to fit your needs?


  • Great iPhone apps. Thank you for the info. I’ve added 1,7,8 to try. Had a few of the others already. Aren’t these iPhone apps great! :)

  • Kaye,
    Please let me know what you think of 1, 7, and 8. I enjoy finding ways of using ordinary apps for caregivers. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Amy,
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    We thank you for bringing attention to the plight of caregivers.

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